Jan Sovak

Jan Sovak

Jan Sovak has been one of my favorite coloring book artists since I became a huge fan of Dover coloring books. Of course, he is actually an artist, not a coloring book artist, who has blessed us colorists with his art.

Sovak was born in Tábor, in the former Czechoslovakia, in 1953. He moved to Canada in 1982, and at one time was teaching art at the University of Calgary, but as of this writing, I cannot seem to find any information on that. According to Wikipedia, he is known specifically as a paleoartist, which means he does dinosaurs and prehistoric representations, which is what I love about his art. He has done a whole set of dinosaur/prehistoric coloring books for Dover, and I own the whole set, I believe. They are gradually making their way onto these pages. In addition, Dover has a nice CD-ROM collection of his dinosaur art, which I have used throughout my site numerous times. According to Wikipedia, his works can be found in over forty museums across the globe, and his artworks have also appeared on the Discovery Channel.

Here is an article about a Dino 101 course at the University of Alberta. Sovak is pictured, but it does not say exactly what his role was.

Here is another article about the Royal Canadian Mint, and a commemorative dinosaur coin, the "Albertosaurus," designed by Sovak.

Sovak doesn't do just dinosaur art, incidentally. He also does modern animals, and mythical/folklore art, too, at least for coloring books. Still dinosaurs are his specialty, so be sure to check out these pages.

Albertosaurus #154

Prosaurolophus #175

Chasmosaurus #138

Standard Coloring Books

Before the Dinosaurs
Dinosaurs of the Jurassic Era
Galapagos Islands
Giants and Ogres
Prehistoric Man

Monolophosaurus #228

Allosaurus #164

Stained Glass Coloring Books


Parksosaurus #200

Shuvosaurus #208

Protoceratops #145

Books with CD-ROM


Hypsilophodon #017

Pachycephalosaurus #099

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