The Killing of Cosmic Dream Farm:
A Story in Pictures

It is incomprehensible to me that people are still unaware of the criminal assault taking place in the skies above us. What level of evil and insanity could make those involved believe they have a right to deprive us of our sunshine and use the sky as a weapon against us? And just as evil, insane and criminal are the people who know exactly what is going on but are too cowardly, too selfish, and too worried about saving their own butts to make a public confession of what they know is true, and that goes for all meteorologists, news anchors, and members of the media, government, and military. (Please see my article Spineless Cowards.)

Below, I have documented the assault over my farm which took place Sunday, February 28, 2016. It is nothing unusual, it happens nearly every day, especially those days when we are “threatened” with sunshine. GOD FORBID THAT THE SUN SHOULD SHINE OVER US. The assault pictured here began at around 10 AM and continued throughout the day, resulting in of course, a total drenching, what we do not need here in the east. What the liars at the National Weather Service said would be “less than a tenth of an inch" of rain turned into one-half inch, adding to the already flooded landscape of the previous week, where eight inches of snow was followed by one-and-a-quarter inches of rain, followed by more snow followed by more rain. Meanwhile, I stand by, looking at the oily, filmy, toxic puddles standing in my yard and fields, and mourning the loss of my beautiful organic soil that I painstakingly built over so many years. It's all gone—washed away, and I'm left now with thick hard clay, toxic soil, toxic water, toxic air. How much longer do you think we can survive on this planet under these conditions? Do you think your paycheck and text messages will be so important when there's no food, clean air, or drinkable water?

Sunday, February 28, 9:55 AM: The spraying begins in the north sky at my farm. By 10:40 AM, you can see how the first trails are turning into plumes, and in the far north have become a silvery mass which people mistakenly believe are clouds. The third image is another view, but farther to the west. Incidentally, the background for this page is an image of the ugly toxic clouds above my farm taken this morning, March 1 at 7:20 AM. You can see the spraying going on in back of the thick lower layer, running crosswise across the page.

9:55 AM 10:40 AM 10:40 AM

Two minutes later, at 10:42 AM, another plane sprays, east to west, and still another at 10:45 AM, looking more toward the east. Another minute later it is at straight north, while the earlier trails have begun to plume out.

10:42 AM 10:45 AM 10:46 AM

10:48 AM, and the sky begins to explode in a thickening toxic haze. 10:51 AM and the two trails plume out and blend. 10:54 AM, a more westerly view.

10:48 AM 10:51 AM 10:54 AM

Round One ends, 11:13 AM as the north sky, which was bright blue an hour ago is now a silvery toxic haze. Round Two begins at 1:23 PM. Two more planes streak the sky at 1:32 PM.

11:13 AM 1:23 PM 1:32 PM

And another at 1:35 PM. Another view, 1:38 PM. Does anyone actually really believe that normal planes fly in carefully paralleled lines? Really? Does anyone really believe that that many normal planes would be flying across one area of the sky in a matter of minutes? Seriously? And here comes yet another plane, at 1:42 PM.

1:35 PM 1:38 PM 1:42 PM

1:53, and the toxic haze begins to move southward. The spraying moves southward and much lower in the sky, too. This was sprayed right over my house at 2:03 PM and by 2:05 PM, you can see how it has begun to plume out and spread.

1:53 PM 2:03 PM 2:05 PM

That one disappears into the northwest skyline, 2:11 PM as another begins, 2:28 PM, which dives into the east skyline, 2:34 PM.

2:11 PM 2:28 PM 2:34 PM

And a new one begins in the northern sky, also at 2:34 PM. The assaults continued all day, resulting in a drenching that night.

2:34 PM

There is nothing unusual about this. It happens nearly every day any more. If you have not noticed, then you are dangerously ignorant of what is going on around you. And if you think this is normal exhaust from regular planes, just observe the next time a passenger jet flies over. Do you see any trails in the sky? Out here, many people own little private planes and go flying all the time. There's not a mark in the sky from them, EVER. Frankly, I don't understand why the entire country is not marching to Washington with barrels of tar and feathers. How can people keep so silent and be so blind as to what is going on right above them? We are well past the point where denial is an option. WAKE UP AND SPEAK OUT.

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