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Here is where you can find current information about what is going on at the farm and what is available for purchase. We are located in Northeast Ohio, Palmyra Township, on Yale Road. For more information, please email us at the "Contact" link above.

What's for Sale at Cosmic Dream Farm, 2014

The newest feature on the Farm Pages this year is combination of farm news and photos, and anything else I feel like putting there! It is a way to keep informed about what is happening here at Cosmic Dream Farm. Of course, you may still view all of last year's photos and farm pages linked below.

The Cosmic Dream Diary (2014)

We are devoted to living in harmony with Nature and respect toward Earth and all her creatures. We embrace vegetarianism, animal rights, and are committed to spiritual consciousness. We conduct our lives and lifestyle according to our beliefs.

Everything here is grown organically—we make our own potting soil by composting, and nearly everything used on the farm has been recycled. To learn about great recycling ideas, please check out the recycling pages here:

The Recycling Pages

And speaking of recycling, Cosmic Dream Farm will gladly take the following discarded items: old sheets, blankets, and large towels; metal tubs, wheelbarrows, and garbage cans (holey and rusty is good); plant containers, and buckets, provided they did not contain toxic chemicals. Contact us at the link above.

Also be sure to check out the photo section, a picture diary of the farm through the year:

2013: The Year in Pictures

Here is the newest addition to the farm section: The Enchanted Cucumber Forest. Back in 2010, when we first started this innovative idea to utilize that huge vertical space between the ground and ceiling of the greenhouse, I remember going in there early one morning to pick a cucumber for breakfast. I was suddenly confronted with this fantasy world of cucumbers hanging everywhere in a virtual forest of vines. We have done it every year since. So, here it is in pictures and text. Enjoy and be fascinated!

The Enchanted Cucumber Forest

Check this page often because there are more features on the way. And of course we will keep you up to date on what produce is ready. We grow a variety of vegetables and herbs, but the main crops are tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, and greens.

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